What are NBA Basketball Schools?

The NBA Basketball schools are a tuition-based basketball development program for international male and female players ages 6 – 18. The initiative adds an additional layer to the NBA’s existing basketball development efforts, including the Jr. NBA, Basketball without Borders (BWB) and NBA Academies. NBA Basketball School is unique in its approach based on “the NBA way” of developing players in a structured program and environment focused on skill development and promoting positive values such as integrity, teamwork, respect and determination.

The NBA Basketball School curriculum, which is designed to help players, parents, coaches and organizations better understand the process of improvement, has been developed by the NBA’s Elite Basketball Development team in consultation with current and former NBA coaches, former NBA players, and player development experts. The comprehensive curriculum covers oncourt training, strength and conditioning, and basketball education for young players ages 6-18 and will be implemented by coaches working directly with the NBA’s International Basketball Operations staff around the world.

Locations of NBA Basketball Schools

In April 2017, the NBA launched The NBA Basketball School for players outside the United States. NBA Basketball Schools have been launched in Brazil, Greece, Mexico, India, Turkey and Dubai.

Program Overview

The mission of NBA Basketball School is to inspire young athletes and to provide a unique development opportunity through exposure to established coaches with proven training techniques. The coaches will introduce and familiarize all student-athletes with NBA Basketball School elite training methodology and techniques. With input from NBA coaches, former NBA players, and player development experts, NBA Basketball School developed a comprehensive basketball curriculum approved by the National Basketball Coaches Association that will be introduced in partnership with school coaches. The program provides on-court training, strength and conditioning exercises, and basketball education for young athletes between the ages of 6-18 who are interested in playing basketball. The program is executed by trained NBA Basketball School coaches approved by the NBAThe program is led by teams of foreign and local coaches with NBA regional heads overseeing all training operations. The NBA Basketball School philosophy is to share the game of basketball with young athletes across the world by teaching skills, values, and wellness in a positive and fun environment. The holistic approach is intended to strengthen the culture of youth basketball, teach life lessons, and empower young athletes to succeed both on and off the court. NBA Basketball School believes this philosophy leads to developing complete and well-rounded basketball players and individuals.