Who is Beyaz Gölge?

Beyaz Gölge, is a society of high-level trainers that come together for the purpose of raising Turkish young people as a happy and good individuals that perform their duties against their family at first, and then to the nation through branches of sport, mainly basketball.

Basketball is one of the most popular sport branches worldwide and in our country and as this popularity increased, the number of those, who wanted to play this sport among the young people has increased rapidly in last 20 years. The idea of “Beyaz Gölge Basketball Camp” emerged in order to give young people the opportunity to learn basketball from the best coaches of Turkey.

In line with this idea, we brought the best coaches and trainers of Turkey together with young Turkish basketball lover. Thanks to the quality trainers, youngsters reinforced their senses of solidarity by learning the basketball in the best way as well as becoming self-sufficient and improving their personal skills and abilities to live in groups. Our youngsters who join our camps may not become high level basketball players but they will play and watch this game with a better basketball and sport culture and by knowing this game. Families on the other hand, got support about the future planning of their children with the consultancy of Beyaz Gölge teams.

Beyaz Gölge Eğitim Sağlık Spor Organizasyonları Tanıtım ve Ticaret AŞ. organized international basketball camps by brining senior Turkish and Foreign basketball coaches together. Along with basketball lover who came from every corner of our country, many international basketball players and trainers from America to France, Netherlands to Macedonia, Montenegro to Canada, Switzerland to Germany, showed interest to our company for taking a training.

Under BEYAZ GÖLGE founded by Hakan Yavuz and Burçin Badem, senior domestic and international coaches such as Rusmir Halilovic, Çetin Yılmaz, Timothy Shea, Murat Özyer, Murat Didin, Cem Akdağ, Okan Çevik, Selçuk Ernak, İsmail Beleş, Mete Babaoğlu, Şükrü Yaravlı, Prof. Fehmi Tuncel, Agon Fehmiu, Gideon Van Der Hijden, Bjord Brugman…took part during period between 1999 and 2014.

The team, arranging various organizations in basketball branch between 1999 and 2015, speeded up its operations by expanding its scope in 2015.

Beyaz Gölge, extending its trainer staff in Basketball, Football, Tennis and Volleyball branches, also continues its investments in Performance and Talent Selection Tests. There is a solution partner relation with Sporttech Company which has performed tests of ten thousands of candidate athletes, made performance measurements were made for basketball, football and tennis clubs and supported School of Physical Education and Sports exams of many universities.

Furthermore, counselling services have started with Professional Psychologists and Mentors in Athlete/Student-Family-School triangle. Beyaz Gölge, extending its team work in domestic and international education consultancy area, is ready for assisting families on education opportunities in Turkey, America, Canada and England.