We have performed physical fitness tests of children that have not been branched in sports in at private schools, municipalities and sponsored projects with our solution partner Sporttech Company since 2009. We collected about 10.000 data from these studies and created norm values for our boys and girls per age groups

We implemented performance tests for TBF U16 National Team selections in eleven provinces. We prepared norm values of about 3.000 candidates for TBF.

We took part in numerous field operations such as data collection in performance tests of super league football clubs, tennis performance tests, branch based performance assessment in youth teams in football and basketball clubs.

Now we offer following services at The Green Park Kartepe Sports Village and at any facility you chose with our mobile service through our experience and by using data in our system.

– Physical Fitness Measurements and Skill Tests to Children Unbranched in Sports

  • Physical
  • Nutrition
  • Psychological

– Collecting the tests requested by club fitness trainers with technological and sensitive equipment and preparation of Excel spreadsheet after performing statistical assessment upon request.

–  Performing tests, collecting data and creating norm values suitable for the branch for federations.

–  Creating test batteries suitable for branches at Sports Schools and following-up the progress.

– Implementing performance tests unique foe professional teams and individual athletes and performing regular follow-up.

We work with young workmates graduated from the School of Physical Education and Sports in in-field part of the studies mentioned above. Field data that we collected by means of state of art equipment is assessed on the basis of the norm values and percentiles installed in our “Funthemental V1.” software that we created as the result of a joint effort of statisticians, training scientists and software developers and necessary comments are prepared. And the document ready for presentation is created upon the final touches by our training specialist.

We work with two nutritionists who are expert in their areas and experienced in children with regards to nutrition tests and two specialists, one is a sport psychologist and the other one is a child psychologist, with regards to the sports psychology tests. We aimed to help families, schools and clubs by forming an opinion on nutritional habits of children at primary and secondary school age. Again we wanted to contribute to instructors and trainers by forming an opinion on whey children at the same age want to sport and their predisposition to leadership, team or individual sports. We prepared a multiple-choice test with pictures for all these.

We measure speed, agility and reaction test on the field with Smartspeed Pro and Lite systems that are available within the product range of Fusion Sport. We use Smartjump jumping mat for vertical jump. We use equipment such as Harpenden, B&L, Seca, Sescorf, Takei and Omron, which are experts in their fields, for our other measurements. And the most important thing is that, we assess data collected by our experienced team with the most quality devices in the sports science industry, by using our own software, “Funthemental V1.” , as we indicated above.