Sports are in Top 10 in the world economy. The most important product that has been created by the mankind just for making happy itself without any vital conditionality is sports.  Game fields, which are sources of this happiness, have become indispensable for both active sports practitioners and supporters. Sports clubs and athletes are the leading actors of this economy. Although actions in contrary to the essence of sports with the triggering effect of competition and its size in the economics result with lack of interest and disgust time to time, it will not be possible for us to ignore sports in our lifestyles.

SPORTS will and should return to the positions that it supposed to be with correct sports managements and accurate expression of such management. We, as Beyaz Gölge, have decided to bring together our experience gained in Sports Management, Media, Sports Marketing areas and successful applications that we practiced at the clubs we worked, under our Company and to use them for the Sports Clubs and Athletes.

We have a staff that is capable of undertaking Marketing-Advertising, Public Relations activities of the sports clubs directly or as a consultant.

For clubs:

  • Development and Management of Projects Suitable for the Club Policies,
  • Sponsor Relations,
    • Provision of New Sponsors to Sports Clubs,
    • Fan Relations,
    • Media Relations,
    • Ticket Sales,
    • Social Media Management,
    • Marketing Products Management,
    • Security Management,
    • Implementation of Social Responsibility Projects,

For athletes:

  • Sponsor Relations,
  • Player-Agent Consultancy,
  • Social Media Management,
  • Media Relations,
  • Consultancy in Family-Education-Club Relations,
  • Brand Studies,
  • Personal Development Coaching,

We, as Beyaz Gölge, improve our services in synchronization with our solution partners.