NBA Basketball School’s Basketball Camp in İzmir Has Started

NBA Basketball School’s Basketball Camp organization hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club, started today with 90 athletes participating

NBA, the top brand of the basketball in the world has launched it’s ‘NBA Basketball School Basketball Camp’ organization today in İzmir, with the hosting support of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club. In the first day of the organization which will be moving on until November 23rd at Naim Süleymanoğlu Sports Complex, 60 male and 30 female athletes hit the floor to earn the chance of taking the most important steps of a possible basketball career with the vision and curriculum of NBA. Former NBA player and coach Greg Minor and experienced Turkish coach İsmail Beleş will serve for the organization managed by Burçin Badem.

The organization; which will succeed in Turkey for the second time this year, started with the performance and skill measurements of participants with NBA’s Draft Combine methods. In the afternoon, the athletes had their first meeting with coaches and seperated in different groups for their first workouts in NBA uniforms.

During NBA Basketball School’s Basketball Camp organization, the athletes will have psychical workouts along with ball practices built with NBA’s curriculum. The players enchancing their talents with personal development programs are also gaining an important camp experience with special development programs with the support of professionals such as sports psychologists, physiotherapists and nutritionists, on the way to improve their performance and career management skills.

The athletes showing up in Naim Süleymanoğlu Sports Complex for NBA Basketball School’s Basketball Camp during 18-21 November will also enjoy a full day tournament organization at Fuar Celal Atik Sports Complex in November 22nd.