Basketball – Volleyball

All pre-season needs of the basketball teams are provided by our organization. There are 6 hoops, which are composed of 2 FIBA approved game hoops, 4 ceiling mounted portable shooting backboards and rims in each of our sports halls furnished with NBA parquet. In addition, there are 2 official volleyball match courts.

With the test protocols of Spor Teknolojileri Company, an experienced name in performance test protocols, you can perform measurements of the athletes before, during and after the camp and ensure preparation of customized special programs with performance tracking.

Detailed information on tests is available here.

In our facilities that will serve to basketball camps, youth teams, women/men professional basketball teams within our organization, there are physical treatment and training services where all preseason requirements ranging from physical development to fundamental training, friendly games to official tournaments are offered completely and in the highest quality, including transfer of the teams to the facilities, preparation and implementation of all programs and application of treatments for preventing and curing the injuries.

Along with our fitness center equipped with lifefitness tools, there are natural running tracks and outdoor sports fields that will support trainings of the athletes.

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Support for Sports Clubs by trainers from every level and field;

Sports Schools and Sports Clubs that wish to make a camp at our The Green Park Kartepe Resort facility can be provided with basketball, volleyball, football coaches, fitness trainers, masseurs and physios of ever level, if necessary. Furthermore, group or individual therapies can be organized by getting support from our psychologists specialized in athletes and families.

You can obtain further information from our Consultancy pages.