We provide consultancy services in wide range from 6 year old kids that have just started doing sports to professional adult athletes through specialist psychologists, mentors, dieticians and coaches.

Our family psychologist consultants make contribution to parents to raise happy and successful individuals with solutions that will support them bearing their burdens in raising an athlete.

Our areas of consultancy are as follows:

  • Personal Coaching
    • Athlete Nutrition
    • Physical Development
    • Physical Coaching Preventing Athlete Injuries
    • Post-Injury Rehabilitation Support
  • Athlete-Parent Consultancy
  • Athlete-Coach Education Consultancy
    • Domestic and International Education-Learning Institution Affairs
    • Foreign Language Education
    • Technical Basketball Training for Coaches and Coach Candidates
    • Trainer Training
  • Club Consultancy
    • Athlete Skill Selection
    • Coach Development and Selection
    • Corporate Governance Training
  • Sports and Education Institution Consultancy
    • Sports Trainer Supply or Training
    • Physical Fitness Measurements and Skill Tests
    • Performance Tests And Follow-Up
    • Data collection, storage and creating norm values.

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