Once again, over again, stronger…

I was only 27 years old when I decided to quit basketball. My knees were starting to prevent me from playing basketball at a level that I desired. I was getting very unhappy for not being able to reflect what I had in mind in the court. I enjoyed  taking part in management side of basketball since I was a child. I was only 11 years old when I started coaching players older than I in sport schools. In short, I enjoyed coaching as much as playing. As a result, I found academic basketball schools in 1998.  Contributing people’s success and adding positive values to people’s life has become my philosophy of life. We wanted be under the same roof with my fellow brothers whom I share same values to join our forces.

In 1980’s White Shadow was a Phenomenon in its own right during the single-channel TV era. The leading actor Coach Ken Reeves in this popular tv series was the reason why Turkey loved basketball and he was my idol too. Therefore we selected White Shadow for our name. Although the White Shadow couldn’t pursue its corporate role as much as it originally aimed for due to our heavy responsibilities and some changes that took place in our professional lives we, as individuals followed its route. We kept our existence in sport by try doing what we loved and returned to White Shadow stronger and eager than ever. We now serve not only in basketball but in other branches of sport. With our highly skilled team we provide consultancy to clubs, sportsman, families , schools, coaches and institutions and support them in every step of their sport progression.

We aimed to be part of a highly acclaimed projects in sport and reason of many successes.

We would like to thank all our supporters for their contribution to Beyaz Golge.

Best Wishes,

Burçin Badem

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