Olivier Goetgeluck


Olivier Goetgeluck has been working daily as a coach and teacher of athletes since 2011 at Elite Athletes, the company he co-founded with internationally known skills-coach Joerik Michiels. Olivier researches the dynamics of psychological and physical health in the context of basketball, researching how players can develop themselves and perform at their full potential.

Elite Athletes Belgium is the outlet through which Olivier shares his methods within the domain of sports by training athletes age 11 to 18 at Elite Academy Antwerp and providing international consulting services aimed towards other educators in the domain of basketball and youth physical education.

Since 2015 he has been closely connected to human development platform “Fighting Monkey,” acting as an instructor for one of the most innovative organisations worldwide focused within the areas of physical development and behavioural change. Further he is trained as a practitioner of “Self- Regulation Oriented Vegetative Training” that aids athletes in their recovery and well-being by improving awareness and connection to their body.